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Our Team

Willie Stevenson

President and Founder

Willie has lead award-winning, international teams in the interactive training and entertainment industries for fourteen years.

Pioneering training innovation in Virtual and Augmented reality he works with aerospace, marine and other industries on the front lines to understand their pain points and design powerful learning systems. This has been the foundation of long relationships with AAA clients like Air Canada and Oil and Gas companies.

Colleen Shannahan

Co-founder, Custom Development

With over twelve years experience delivering award-winning interactive experiences in both entertainment and VR safety training industries, Colleen synthesizes and translates the diverse client needs into effective training experiences.

Careful observation and analysis of the real work environment, company procedures and industry standards, as well as close consultation with subject matter experts allow for the identification and design of training solutions that make an impact. Colleen employs leading edge tools to create unforgettable full-bodied interactive training simulations that have proven to permanently shift the culture and habits of clients' employees.

Luke Trynchuk


Luke brings the latest technology and techniques from both the AAA video game industry and the scientific simulation field to fuel our simulations. Focusing on delivering reliable physics systems, uid dynamics, rope and cable simulations as well as next generation graphics, lighting and weather.


Solutions Architect

Kyle Ingalls


Irshad Karim

Designer + Developer

7+ years of experience with analytics, tele-metrics, UX (User Experience) and interactive learning give Irshad the ability to customize world-class analytics and remote control dashboards for our clients. He provides access to key performance metrics with a suite of user-friendly dashboards and data management tools customized for each client.

Manash Sharma

Lead Animator

Mohammad Karimi

3D Artist

Mohammad leads a team obsessed with creating 3D environments and interactive objects with a high level of fidelity. Combining site surveys, scanned objects, and 3D modelled objects to ensure the team builds what really matters and delivers a critical credibility for our products. If a front line user feels we have truly captured technocal accuracy and the "feel" of a simulated situation, then training is inevitably that much more powerful.

Clarence LeBlanc

Head of Sales

Ryan Corkum

CFO of Verge Technologies, Former Senior Relationships Manager at HSBC Bank Canada in Toronto, CFO of Raptor Mining Products and Ideal Warehouse Innovations, and VP of Finance at Tundra Technical Solutions and Vistacare Communications.

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Our Services

Immersive VR

Our team brings decades of combined expertise in game design, onboarding, architecture and visual arts to create unforgettable virtual experiences. We deliver immersive virtual reality solutions for Training, Tourism, Architecture, and Entertainment. Our team takes a highly visual approach to building accurate and engaging simulations that meet your projects unique needs.


Our team has a proven track record of developing best-selling and top-rated games. With expertise in interactive media, analytics and motivational design, we understand how to onboard users and keep them engaged.

3D Modeling

Our award-wining art team delivers highly detailed and convincingly textured 3D models and environments. Our professional 3D assets are powerful tools for informing decison making, communication, visualization, educational or training simulations.


Blending artistry and technical know-how, our team generates high quality 3D animations, breathing life into characters and environments, communicating complex processes, simulating realistic expericencs, and bringing the imagined to life.


From concepts to final product our team offers professional design solutions for your project's unique needs. Our team has experience designing effective UX/UI solutions, seamless onboarding, engaging stories, convincing characters, and unforgettable environments.

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